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1. Be on time in the campus (before 8.45 a.m.)

2. Sign in the attendance & Register in biometric before 8.45 a.m.

3. Follow the dress code.

4. Go to class 5 minutes before the commencement of the hour.

5. Take attendance within 5 minutes from the commencement of class in each hour.

6. Engage the class for the entire period. Prepare well to teach before going to class.

7. Don’t leave from class room before handing over the class to the Faculty Member who is going to handle next hour.

8. Strictly avoid using mobile phones in the class; it is appreciable if the mobile phone is left in the department.

9. Handle the students in a disciplined manner (While talking and behaving with them).

10. Always encourage and motivate students to read well, to score more marks, to get University rank and to participate in competitions held in our college and other colleges.

11. Organize events related to our programme that enriches the knowledge of our students.

12. Follow the Standard Operating Procedure to protect our self from COVID 19 & inform the students to follow Standard Operating Procedure.

13. Submit casual leave form before taking casual leave (on previous day itself)

14. Faculty members those not registered for Ph.D., take sincere effort to register immediately and take effort to qualify in Lectureship Eligibility tests conducted by UGC/CSIR/State Government (SET).

15. Join and complete MOOC Course, at least 2 course/ year.

16. Like and share the Information’s, Messages and News about our college shared /posted in our college official face book by our faculty members and staff members.

17. Park the bike in the bike stand properly.

18. Kindly abide by the rules & regulations of the college.

19. Execute the duties sincerely assigned from time to time.

20. Our sincere thanks to all our Faculty members and staff members for rendering their service to our students to be a good human in the Society and to become a graduate with enough knowledge.