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1. Wear Mask; clean your hands with sanitizer while entering in the college.

2. Wash your hands with soap before taking food.

3. Stay at home, if you have fever/cold/continuous sneezing/cough, please take treatment and stay home.

4. Students should be in the classroom before the second bell rings at 9.00 a.m. and before the bell rings at 12.10 p.m. (after break).

5. Students should earn 100% attendance.

6. Listen the lecture carefully delivered by the professor and take note of the same.

7. Come to the college neatly dressed in a casual wear with In-shirt. (Tared design pants and strinkened pants are not allowed)

8. Girls should wear formal Chudidhar with shall pinned and avoid using leggin & Short Tops.

9. Write the assignments and class works properly and sincerely given by the professors and submit on-time.

10. Write the test and exams sincerely conducted from time to time.

11. Behave in a disciplined and appreciable manner with Faculty Members, Staff Member, Classmates and Friends.

12. Wear ID card compulsorily while travelling in the college bus and in the college campus. It will be helpful to identify the persons, if entered unwantedly into the campus.

13. Park your bikes properly in the bike stand allotted for students.

14. Submit leave application before taking leave under unavoidable situation.

15. Learn clearly, study the lessons carefully every day and write the test and exams sincerely.

16. Aim to get University Rank.

17. Participate in the events and competitions conducted in our college and other colleges.

18. Avoid roaming during class hours.

19. Pay the semester fees and Examination fees on time.

20. Use the library facility to enrich your subject and general knowledge.

21. Use the fitness centre of our college and be healthy.