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The library is housed in a large hall stocked with a large variety of reading material. The Library has a total collection of about 13,325 books and provides access to more than 55 journals and magazines. INFLIBNET facility which provides access to a number on line articles is also available. Each Department has a department library. Photocopying facility is provided for the benefit of Student and Faculty.

  • The Library works from 9.00 AM to 4.30 PM from Monday to Friday. Further, the library is open from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM on all Saturdays.
  • The Library will be closed on Holidays
  • Only members are allowed to use the services of the Library.
  • Outsiders have to get prior permission from the Management/Principal to utilize the Library.
  • Members can use the services of the Library only by producing the identification card.
  • Members will be provided with Library tickets. The number of tickets, issued to each student is three. Duration of the lending period is fifteen days and the fine amount of Re.2 per day for the delay
  • Rs. 50/ will be charged against the loss of each Library ticket.
  • The Exchange of Library tickets is not permissible.
  • Books will be provided only against a valid Library ticket.
  • Periodicals and Reference books are only meant for reference within the Library.
  • Avoid Video cassettes and CD’s are only meant for reference within the Library.
  • Only three renewals are permitted
  • The facility to reserve books is available. Books will be issued according to the order in which they are reserved.
  • Reserved books will not be renewed.
  • Pilferage of documents will be treated as a serious offence. A warning memo shall be issued for the first offence.
  • Subsequent offences will be treated seriously and the membership shall be suspended or cancelled.
  • In case a book is lost, the member should either replace the book or pay double the cost of the book to the library.
  • Photocopying of library documents is permitted. Photocopying the entire documents/ books is prohibited. Photocopying will be charged at the rate of Re.1/-per page.
  • Silence should strictly be maintained in the Library.
  • Documents other than library sources shall not be permitted inside the Library.
  • The use of tape recorder, radio, mobile phone, camera, etc. Is strictly prohibited inside the library.
  • Members are requested to leave their personal belongings in the property counter.
  • Students should not make any loss or damage to the library books, magazines or library property