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Institute of Tally Learning

(Our College is TALLY Authorized Centre)


Tally institute of learning offers certificate programmes aimed at preparing our students to be job ready for an array industry. We are committed to working with educations, educational organizations and industry partners to ensure that our students develop proficient skills in order to achieve their employment goals. Our education programs are designed to facilities teaching in a seamless manager which I industry relevant and demand driven.

We offer industry endorsed course and placement opportunities for students graduates out of till, Spread across the country. Our certificate course is designed to equip you with an in-depth knowledge of industry related scenarios. Our scientifically designed teaching methodology, online assessment, certification and placement assistance are envisioned to bridge the gap between education and employment. We offer an impressive range of valued additional skills hag will groom you to be an asset to any organization, right from the beginnings.


Name of the Course : TALLY ERP. 09
Duration : 40 Hours


1.100 % Placement Assistance.

2.Centralized placement cell.

3.Around 1.3 Million Job Opportunities in Micro, Small & medium Enterprises Annually.

4.Campus Placement and Job Fairs involving top recruiters.

5.Mock interviews to boost your confidence.

6.Evaluate and enhance the skills with pre employability tests.

7.Increase your chance of getting hired with the video and resume.


Prof. A. BALAJI, M.Com., M.Phil., B.Ed.,Assistant Professor, Department of Commerce
Prof. B. RASOOL, M.Com., M.Phil., Assistant Professor, Department Of Commerce


CPFA (Certificate Program in Financial Accounting)

Learning Tally.ERP 9 (Vol I , II, III)

Basics of Accountancy - Accountancy Simplified
Basics of English - Learn English the Easy Way
Basics of Computers - Computers Made Easy
Advanced Computers - Computers for Professionals
Personality Development - The ABC of Personality Development (Vol I)

ACPFAT (Advanced Certificate Program in Financial Accounting and Taxation)

Learning Tally.ERP 9 (Vol I, II, III, IV, V)

Basics of Accountancy - Accountancy Simplified
Accounts & Taxation - Master the Elements of Indian Taxation
Basics of English - Learn English the Easy Way
Business Communication - Business Communication for Professional Success
Basics of Computers - Computers Made Easy
Advanced Computers - Computers for Professionals
Personality Development - The ABC of Personality Development (Vol I)
Personality Development - Face the World with Confidence (Vol II)
Sales Management - The Art of Successful Selling

Other Modular Courses

Tally.ERP9 Simplified (New)
Tally.ERP 9
Tally.ERP 9 Advanced
Tally.ERP 9 Comprehensive

Tally Modular Courses

Basics of Computers
Advanced Computers
Basics of Accountancy
Accounts and Taxation
Basics of English
Business Communication
Personality Development: Vol I
Personality Development: Vol II
Sales Management


Volume I - Fundamentals of Accounts and Inventory

Basics of Accounting, Getting Started with Tally.ERP 9 & Fundamental Features, Creating Masters (Accounting and Inventory),Voucher Entry & Invoicing, Bill-wise Details, Voucher Class, Interest Calculation – Simple Interest Calculation, Credit Limits, Cost Centers, Cost Categories, Multi-Currency – Activation and creation of Currencies, Basics of Banking (Excl Auto bank reconciliation), and General Reports.

Volume II - Advanced Inventory and Technological Capabilities

Order Processing & Pre-closure of orders, Price Levels & Price Lists, Additional Cost Details, Item Cost Details, Batch Wise Details, Zero-Valued entries, Different Actual and Billed Quantities, BOM, POS, Back-up/Restore, Export-Import, E-mailing, Web publishing, Password Policy, Tally.Net, Message Centre, Local/ Online Help, and Support Centre.

Volume III - Fundamentals of Taxation

Getting Started with VAT/CST, Getting Started with Service Tax, Getting Started with Excise (Dealers), Getting Started with Excise (Manufacturers), Getting Started with TDS.

Volume IV - Advanced Taxation

VAT/CST, service tax, excise (dealers), excise (manufacturers), TDS & TCS, and payroll.

Volume V - Payroll and Advanced Features

Cost-centre class, advanced interest calculation, budgets and scenarios, multi-currency transactions and adjusting forex gain/loss, banking (with auto-reconcilation), reorder level, ageing analysis, stock ageing analysis, job order processing, payroll, Tally Vault, Tally Audit, ODBC, split company, data synch, live updates, and control centre. +Work Book: Vol I-II.