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Payment of Fees

The Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances

a) Students should remit the prescribed fees within 10 working days from the re-opening of the college.

b) If the fees is not remitted within 10 days he /she will be charged a fine of Rs. 100/- each for next 30 days (including holidays).

c) If the student fails to remit the fees within 30 days his / her name will be removed from the rolls.

d) If the student wants to leave college in the middle of the course he / she will have to pay the entire course fees including special fees etc.., for the whole course.

e) The management has the right to revise the fees for any courses at the beginning of each academic year.


1. The college Functions from 9.00 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

2. Each Professor hour comprises of one hour duration. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of each period. Late comers will lose their attendance for the forenoon / afternoon session. One hour of absence either in FN or AN is treated as absence of half-a-day. But one hour absence both in FN and AN is treated as one day absent.

3. No student should absent himself / herself without Permission

4. The leave application should be counter signed by the Parent / Guardian

5. The annual certificate of attendance required for admission to the university examinations will not be granted unless, the student’s progress and conduct have been satisfactory and the student should secure atleast a minimum of 75% attendance

6. A student who applies for long leave on medical grounds must attach a medical certificate from a Regd. Medical practitioner. The more production of the medical certificate is not a means to get condonation for shortage of attendance once in life of course.

Code of Conduct

1. Students are expected to upload the reputation of the college by their decent behavior inside and outside of the college

2. Students who fail to maintain discipline will be subjected to disciplinary action by the principal and management committee

3. Students should wear the identity cards in the college campus everyday, on failing, they will be fined

4. When a Professor enters in to the classroom, all the students should stand up till the lecturer asks them to sit or till he / she takes his / her seat

5. No student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the Professor

6. Unnecessary loitering in the corridor or elsewhere is liable to disciplinary action

7. Students are prohibited from smoking or using any intoxicant drugs in the college premises

8. Scribbling on the walls of the college building is a mark of indiscipline and the scribblers will be severally punished

9. Students who are involving in politics and anti-social activities will be dismissed from the college

10. The Principal is entitled to fine, suspend, dismiss or take any kind of disciplinary action against the defaulters

11. Students are prohibited to using cellphones & other multi-media devices inside the campus.

Dress Code

1. Boys and Girls should be modest in their dressing, keeping in mind the culture of Our Nation

2. Girls must dress modestly in chudidhars with dhuppatah or sarees with sleeved blouses.

3. Boys should not wear T-Shirts and Dhoties in the college

4. Biochemistry, Microbiology, Chemistry and Bio-Technology students should wear the laboratory coats during practical hours

5. Students should come to the college neatly dressed.

Library Regulations

The College has an excellent library with 1,50,000 more reference books for various Departments

1.The Library will be kept open from 9.00 am to 2.00 pm in all working days

2.The Library will be closed on Holidays

3.Silence should be maintained inside the library

4.The students should leave their belongings outside the library

5.Each student will be issued two tokens (Two for Final year and one for Second and First Year)

6.A fine of Rs. 50/- will be charged for the replacement of a library token, if lost

7.The books should be returned on or before the due date prescribed by the librarian failing which he / she will be charged a fine of Rs. 2/- per day (including Holidays)

8.The student is responsible for the books borrowed on his library token

9.The staff and students should ensure that they return the library books when they go for vacation

10.No member is allowed to pass on library books to anyone inside or outside of the college

11.Reference books, Magazines, Journals and dailies should not be taken out of the library.

12.Any kind of marking underlining or annotating anywhere or tearing the page of the books or tampering with the books is strictly prohibited

13.Students should not make any loss or damage to the library books, magazines or library property

14.If any members loses a book he / she has to replace the book or pay the present cost of the book and a fine of 25% of the cost of the book

Rules for College Bus

In our College, They are 34 College Buses available for the Welfare of students. Students should available this bus facility with id card by duly paying the bus fees. Students need to pay the bus fees for the two semesters at the beginning itself. When they travel, they should duly sit on the seats and advised to avoid the
foot board journey.

Bus Route

Our college buses available to the city sides of Tiruvannamalai, Avalurpet via Kilpennathur, Vijayappanur via Thandrampattu, Vazhuthalangunam via Iyngunam, Kaarapattu via Mahaar, Karunkalikuppam via Kolathur, Deepam Nagar via Thendral Nagar EB Office, Naidumangalam via Narthampoondi, Sorakolathur via Maathalampadi, Pavithram via Kolakudi, Anandal via Vedanthavadi, Thanipadi via Thandarampattu, Melmalayanur via Avalurpet, Aarpakkam via Ladavaram, Mothakal via Thanipadi Koottaru, Vettavalam via Aavur, Melsozhankuppam via Kanchi Kadaladi, Mungilthuraipattu via Vanapuram, Chetpet via Kaplambadi, Kottapoondi, Edapet via Avalurpet, Sathanur via Tharadapattu, Kongaiyanur via Jambai, Pallisanthal, Pudupalayam via Ammapalayam , Muthur, Chengam via Chengam, Eraiyur, Gingee via Alampoondi (Boys), Puthur via Ponparappi, Polur via Kuruvimalai, Kalasapakkam, Tirukoulur via Veraiyur, Chengam via Kottakulam (Girls), Gengavaram via Alampoondi, Gingee (Girls), Polur (Girls), Vilvarani via Poondi, Kalasapakkam, Vilanthai via Manalurpet, Vettavalam (Girls) for the welfare of village students.

Hostel Regulations

  • The Hostel fee collected at the beginning for the complete academic year
  • Incase of any student leaving the hostel in the middle, no refund will be given on any account
  • Day scholars are not allowed to enter the hostel
  • No student shall leave the hostel without prior permission of the hostel warden
  • Teh hostellers themselves are personally responsible to save guard their belongings. They are advised not to keep large amount of cash or valuable things like gold ring, chain, etc., in their rooms
  • Incase of theft or loss of any item the hostel authorities / institution will not be responsible for such loss